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personalized meal program

 Good2Go Healthy Meals is Kara Lynn’s personalized packaged meal program.
Each week we offer a wide choice of healthy, diet specific meals including paleo, keto and auto-immune protocols.
All are prepared fresh by Kara Lynn’s chef and staff to meet most tastes and
dietary needs.  Our plan includes a wide variety of healthy and delicious proteins and preferred vegetables
along with side salads and soups to match lifestyle needs.   

Meals are picked up twice a week.  At the core of our program we offer the paleo autoimmune protocol with optional keto and paleo selections available to all.  Just pick and click and you’ll be Good2Go.

To find out more and to enroll in our subscription plan, please either give us a call or fill out the information below.
(727) 447-2536

Good2Go Subscription



The carrot muffins are insane… get some, with butter!
You really can’t go wrong here, it’s all good and their daily specials change, well daily 🙂
If you get lucky enough to be there while they have brownies, omg just do it… don’t think twice, you can thank me later!


Amy F.

Clearwater, FL

Wild caught salmon is my favorite. It is always cooked perfectly, never dry, which is such a pet peeve of mine. The paleo brownies are amazing, except they are always sold out. ?
This is the only place I know in Clearwater where I can get grain free, organic, deliciously cooked food.
Big fan of the chef.


Brie S.

Los Angeles, CA

I happened upon Kara Lynn’s and feeling peckish, decided to dine. Thank goodness for that moment of serendipity as it resulted in a memorable experience.My SO ordered the Wild Caught Salmon and I the Vegetable Quiche w/ Asian Slaw. The salmon was cooked perfectly and by dinners end every last morsel was gone.My sincere thanks to everyone at Kara Lynn’s Kitchen – the next time I am in Clearwater yours is the first reservation I shall make.


Walt L.

Cockeysville, MD

Now this is my first review, and I have been saving it for something like this, some place that deserves it. I had the Korean beef wrap and the meat was so tender and full of flavour – just as it should be! Service was also great, very friendly and service minded. And be sure to have their Lemon Mint Water – like drinking a mojito!


Anton S.

Manhattan, NY

Just. Keep. Coming. Back.
The staff is so darn friendly! They treat everyone so nice like they are your family. The meals are so good! I literally eat here every day. Not joking. I also eat their take-home meal plans which are totally worth it. One update: they have a more standardized seasons menu now. For now they have their summer menu: stir fry, shredded chicken tacos (w/slaw and lettuce of course – it’s Paleo people) that are super moist every time, meatloaf (the style of which changes weekly, this week it’s BBQ meatloaf!), quiche, quinoa salad on portabella mushrooms, sometimes a fish or salmon I think, and all their yummy desserts of course which include chocolate avocado pudding, muffins, truffles (so good), and a lot more. They often have specials like today: BBQ chicken that falls off the bone.


Terra S.

Clearwater, FL

GREAT food!!!!!! So fresh and delicious and good FOR you without tasting like crap. They also have samples of their new dishes and are extremely friendly. They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and Paleo options. Their focus is on meals for Paleo and auto-immune diets but they also have dishes great for your average carnivore. Menu changes daily, so there is always something new!!!!! They also specialize in meals to go – so it is ready made for your busy schedule.
I highly recommend this place!!!!! FINALLY a fresh place to eat in downtown Clearwater that is good for both my taste buds and my body.


This restaurant was such a relief to find! Trying to dine out on an AIP diet is insanely difficult. I dragged my entire family here while on vacation and it was by far one of the best dining experiences we had. The food was amazing. Even the non-Paleo eating family members were impressed with their meals. I was lucky enough to sample 3 different meals: salmon, chicken and meatloaf and they were each delicious. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dessert options as well. The owner was very nice and informative. If I ever make it back to this area I will be dining here non-stop!


Summer W.

Aurora, CO

Stop in or give us a call at (727) 447-2536