The salmon was cooked perfectly

The salmon was cooked perfectly

I happened upon Kara Lynn’s and feeling peckish, decided to dine. Thank goodness for that moment of serendipity as it resulted in a memorable experience. My SO ordered the Wild Caught Salmon and I the Vegetable Quiche w/ Asian Slaw. The salmon was cooked perfectly and by dinners end every last morsel was gone.

Walt L.
Cockeysville, MD

How I lost 30 pounds with KaraLynn’s Kitchen Good2Go meals

How I lost 30 pounds with KaraLynn’s Kitchen Good2Go meals

Good2Go meals

The easiest way I’ve found to lose weight and stay healthy with KaraLynn’s Kitchen Good2Go meals.

Hello, I’m Linda Ferguson and I’m a Kara Lynn’s Kitchen Good2Go meals subscriber.  Over the past 12 months, I’ve been steadily losing weight until I am nearly at a weight I have had on my New Year’s Resolutions list for…maybe the past 20 years! People who have not seen me for awhile always comment on this fact and then ask me, “How did you do that?”

First, a couple of things for you to know:

Here’s my list of things to mention before I tell you exactly how I did it.

The first thing is on the subject of energy. I need lots of it to accomplish all of the things I already am doing and the plans I have for the future which will require more energy. So that’s the first thing. What creates energy for me and what do I use it on, and where am I wasting it?

The next is it has to be simple. If it’s not simple, I won’t stick to it. After all these years and lots of diets, I know me. So it has to be simple, create energy, fit in with my lifestyle and my budget and tastes DELICIOUS…forgot that bit too.

Next is I never DENY myself anything if I really want it. I’m just not into saying I can’t have something. I always choose whether or not to do something, and if I really want to go out for pizza (which I don’t) or gelato (which I will), I do and enjoy it to the fullest.

The fourth thing is a general observation, and that is the word flow. A healthy body flows. Blood flows, air flows, waste (as it leaves our body) flows, nerve impulses flow. Things that help the body keep things moving support what the body is already trying to do, stay healthy and young. So I use a couple of things for that too, mentioned at the end of this article.

The fifth thing is I decided to change basing social events, meeting, parties, etc. around food.  I’d go to these things planning and expecting to eat, and I would.  Now I arrive having already eaten, not hungry, and actually able to enjoy myself even more.

Here’s how I did it:

Here is where I’m going to share how I did it…it is actually very simple, and for me, easy. Please note that these are the things I did for me. Your body is different than mine, if you choose to try this out, just remember what works for me may be all wrong for you. Be smart about your own health and keep in touch with how your body is doing and feeling. It will tell you.

Eat a primarily Ketogenic diet

The first thing is, I eat a primarily Ketogenic diet (aka, no sugar, mostly protein and veges, fats, whole foods, no grains). Stuff you’ve no doubt heard and read hundreds of times.  I’ve included an excellent resource for learning more about this type of diet at the end of this article.

Absolutely no sugar, instead I use substitues

For sweeteners and baking I use Xylitol (tastes JUST like sugar and you can bake with it) and Stevia in packets – usually mixed with xylitol to taste better. I also have whipped cream, coconut oil, olive oil, butter as I feel like. **I’m a good cook and have an uncanny ability to make dessert from the weirdest things that wind up tasting amazing so I’m careful to keep stuff I won’t eat away from my kitchen, or I’ll figure how to turn it into something I will eat, then regret it later, lol.

By the way, a delicious quick treat is whipped cream mixed with chocolate protein powder. Its a  2 minute chocolate mousse…and tastes amazing.

Kara Lynn’s also has some of the best sugar-free, gluten-free desserts around.  It is one of the things they are famous for.  I have them on occasion but not often.  Just a bit outside my successful weight loss method.

I only eat meals from Kara Lynn’s Kitchen

The only meals I eat is from Kara Lynn’s Kitchen’s Good2Go plan supplemented with green veges and salad greens. I don’t usually go out to eat, ever, because I’ve discovered even when a restaurant says they have healthy food prep, etc. I’ve had such mixed results, I don’t bother. Kara Lynn’s food is good, it is super clean (go to her website and read the amount of care and prep that goes into the food they serve). They have meals for every diet and restricted diet around. I’ve seen my own results and how well my body responds to her food. Enough said, the decision is made.

To find out more about the Good2Go plans at Kara Lynn’s Kitchen, call 727-447-2536.

Almost no fruit

I don’t eat fruit except on occasion. Frozen berries are yummy to have on hand for creating desserts out of nothing 🙂

I start every day with a green smoothie as my breakfast

I have a green smoothie to start my day that includes:greens (spinach, kale or both) – 2 cups

  • protein powder – 1 scoop
  • instant coffee – 2T
  • coconut oil – 1-2T
  • raw egg – 1 organic egg
  • Orin US Via Collagen – 1 scoop (see my notes on Orin below).

I do all of this, usually eating my first meal around 7 am and my last meal is between 4:30 to 6, depending on when I feel like eating.

I’m not very hungry, I have lots of energy and I steadily lose weight and continue to do so.

This style of eating is known as intermittent fasting, which is another way of saying a shorter time window for eating all of your meals, leaving more time for the body to digest food and go through detox and repairs/rebuild/healing that it needs to do daily. When you are always eating the body is always having to do something with that food, leaving less time for the other, more important things it must do to keep you healthy.

I also use an electric pressure cooker

I also use my electric pressure cooker to create meals from my KLK food plan if the protein for the meal seems like it would take energy to digest (i.e. beef was sometimes challenging for me, but I got bored with chicken and fish and I love beef). Pressure cooking proteins and veggies further breaks down the fibers of the food while retaining most or all of the nutrition which makes it much easier for the body to digest – and I think actually for the body to use the nutrition from the food itself. It seems to be that way for me anyway because my appetite radically reduced when I started using the pressure cooker. When that happened, I felt like my body was saying, thank you, you’ve fed me well and I have the right materials to do my job now.

Light exercise

For exercise, I mostly take lots of walks, at the beach, around our lake, occasionally go to the gym and stay flexible in a variety of ways throughout the day. Nothing really hard to do and I average 7K – 10K steps a day.

The other support things I use:

Orin US PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device). A super quick explanation is these devices emulate the same frequency range naturally being emitted by our planet continuously. When the body is bathed in these natural frequencies, an increased flow of blood happens, bodies in pain experience relief, healing happens faster. The FDA has approved these devices for use in a variety of conditions (just google it or better yet, go to to read more).

I regularly use mine to keep things flowing within my body, specifically for health-enhancing reasons and not for any body condition. However, what got me interested in PEMF was using these devices has shown improvement in osteoporosis (loss of bone), common for women as they age and undetectable by most women until there is a problem.  It is this condition that can result in horrible bone breaks with just the slightest fall in older bodies.

Fasciablaster – an overpriced and worth every penny claw-like device that helps smooth and straighten out the bodies fascia and smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Dr. Eric Berg – Im finding he is the best source of health data around, is usually super current with the latest research, and has over 2000 videos on his youtube channel. Go to him for info on Ketogenic diets and Intermittent fasting.

In conclusion

In conclusion, you have all of the things I’ve done and continue to do daily to stay healthy and full of energy.  As of today, I have another 7 pounds to go to reach my goal weight.  I’m excited!!